Climate change & organic agriculture

The majority of consumers choose organic to preserve & protect their health. However, many people are unaware that their choice for organic food affects the planet and helps fight climate change.
Let me explain!

Agriculture is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Those emissions blanket the earth, trapping sun heat. This leads to global warming and climate change. The way we produce food at this moment leads to around 25% / 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

Organic farmers do not use synthetic sesticides and fertilizers, one of the primary greenhouse gas contributors.
Because fossil fuel-based fertilizers and most synthetic pesticides are prohibited in organic farming, it has a significantly lower carbon footprint. The production of these farm chemicals are energy intensive. Studies show that the elimination of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers alone, as required in organic systems, could lower direct global agricultural greenhouse gas emissions by about 20%.

Healthy soils increase resilience
Organic farms are required to build healthy soil and crops that are more able to adapt to a changing climate. Organic farming promotes resilience by boosting the soil’s ability to retain water and natural nutrients found in the soil. A decades-long organic farming trial found that organic yields can be up to 40% higher than nonorganic farms in drought years. This is due to the high levels of organic matter in the soil.

Healthy soils store more carbon (CO2).
The most practical and cost-effective way to remove excess carbon (CO2) from the atmosphere is through living plants and soils. Reduced tillage, crop diversification, cover cropping, organic amendments, and sound nutrient management can enhance carbon sequestration and build climate resilience in organic agricultural systems.

The food choice you make every day contributes to the future of our planet, choose wisely. Choose organic!

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