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A clear vision for the future of food and organic agriculture.

Dutch entrepreneur Leon Wit launched Pulsbio in 2019 with a clear vision for the future of food and organic agriculture.

He wanted to inspire, cultivate, and spread knowledge of the incredible potential of legumes around the world after acquiring experience at multiple universities across the globe.

The cultivation was done in the Florence, Italy, the birthplace of Pulsbio, along with a strong sustainable vision. With a four-year rotation method, the farmers were farming the crop under stringent cultivation protocols using an agroagocoly approach.

After one year of small cultivation Pulsbio made his entrance on the Island of Sicily due to his strong ties to Italian universities, the majority of Pulsbio agriculture currently occurs on this stunning Mediterranean island, which has one of the world’s most fertile soils because of the volcano.

Pulsbio arrived in Tanzania, Africa in 2023 with the goal of stimulating and sourcing organic farming of cashew nuts, legumes, and several seed kinds, including chia and sesame.

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Cultivating a sustainable future through transparent farming, Pulsbio delivers premium pulse products with a commitment to quality, health, and community empowerment.

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