Our steps of production, processing & logistics.

Pulsbio collaborates along with Bella Rosa SRL at the Reggio Emilia region’s production facility. Every organic product undergoes a CO2 treatment just after it is harvested in order to stabilize it.

Our plant exclusively produces gluten-free goods, with a daily production capacity of 60 metric tons, or 15000 metric tons annually, thanks to our equipment. We are able to produce high-quality goods with extremely low energy consumption because of this inventive, well-performing equipment. A temperature-controlled storage facility with a maximum capacity of 350 metric tons is used to store the goods after manufacture.

We are able to transport goods to our clients promptly and effectively because of three distinct logistical hubs located in Europe: Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy. Using train transportation instead of 100% road service allows us to achieve considerable carbon dioxide emission reductions.

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Cultivating a sustainable future through transparent farming, Pulsbio delivers premium pulse products with a commitment to quality, health, and community empowerment.

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